On a winter break in the city of Alexander the Great (Salonica)

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Thessaloniki!  The second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Macedonia. Undoubtedly, one of the most “foggy” atmospheric, charming, multicultural, cities of Greece, that always gives you the impression of a very cosmopolitan place, full of old fashioned European urban environment, Byzantine historic monuments, busy streets, open squares, vivid markets and an enormous linear waterfront.

You can choose sitting at the outdoor cafes, walking, bicycling, jogging, relaxing, while you can admire the unique view to the Thermaikos Gulf, but also to the Olympus Mount top. When it rains…it’s like out of a film!

Thessaloniki is a vibrant, full of surprises destination, meeting there young fashionable people, design wise modern cafes & restaurants, several cultural events, and festivals. It’s the city that offers you amazing food culture, shopping, intense nightlife, but on the same time, amazing cinematic sceneries.

Definitely, a great opportunity for street & outdoor photography!

Black & white Thessaloniki

words & photos by Kiki Kapasakalidou

  1. MyCookingSecrets.com | Krystallia Giamouridou 2016-04-07

    Best of luck to your new endeavor! Love this web site…

  2. eLeM 2016-04-11

    Really nice photos and words that travel you to Salonica… and make you wish you were really there!
    Keep travelling!

  3. […] across Greece. This route always begins in Athens the capital. It either stretches north towards Thessaloniki and from there to many more cities on the opposite direction it reaches all through the Peloponnese […]


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