Short trips in the Greek Countryside during Easter

Our friends suggest short trips during Easter holidays

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Easter on the Mani Peninsula

The Mani peninsula is surely a special destination to celebrate the Orthodox Easter in a traditional way or just a great opportunity to visit Mani in spring!

Its picturesque villages and towns with the towers which have been turned into houses will fascinate you and especially the village of Vathia where a few of the tower-houses have been restored, while most of them are in ruins giving you the impression they are inhabited by ghosts, preparing you for the Tainaro Lighthouse located on the Cape Tainaron which was said to have been the entrance to hell.

Areopolis, “the capital” of Mani is a town of historical interest where you can walk around the narrow paved streets with the stone houses and churches.

If you just want to relax by the sea, visit the old harbour of Areopolis, Limeni with the emerald water, the traditional guest houses and fish taverns. Then, you can drive to the sandy beach of Neo Oitylo. There, you can get a taste of the local products specially prepared and served at “Manibella” or go up to Oitylo and enjoy the magnificent view to the bay. 

words by our friend Loukia, photo by our friend Tom Patrikarakos



Katerina reccomends that we visit Ioannina during Easter

In Ioannina we can enjoy the magic of the lake and the small island in it. We can have a walk inside the castle and visit its museums.

We can wander in the picturesque alleys of the city and admire its traditional architecture. A visit at the wax museum of Vrelli will be a unique experience too. Finally, there are numerous culinary options to please all tastes. Easter days in the city and the outskirts of Ioannina will be an unforgettable experience for all visitors.


words and photo by our friend Katerina P.

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