Santorini, on the archaeological site of Akrotiri

The ruined city

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Akrotiri is well known as the excavation site of a remarkably well-preserved Minoan Bronze Age colonization that was buried by the massive and diffusive eruption of the volcano in the middle of the second millennium BC. The eruption was one of the largest volcanic events in recorded history.  It ruined the island of Santorini, which included the settlement at Αkrotiri  . Lava covered the entire island and the settlement, helping preserve the buildings but also streets,furniture and pottery, making it one of the oldest and best preserved archaeological sites in the world.The excavations began in 1967 what they uncovered was phenomenal: an ancient Minoan city buried deep beneath volcanic ash. Today, the site retains a strong sense of place. Housed within a protective structure, wooden walkways allow you to go through various parts of the city.

Santorini Akrotiri

People lived in two- and three-storey houses, sometimes as tall as 8 meters, with balconies, with running water and proper toilets. They painted frescoes or wall paintings which have kept their original color well, as they were preserved under many meters of volcanic ash.

The pathway leads down through some of the reconstructed houses, where you can behold a Minoan toilet and stone bathtub. As well there were discovered a hundreds of pots, from drinking cups up to big storage vessels decorated with geometric patterns. You can see some of them at the site but many have been moved to the archaeological museum in Fira

Santorini Akrotiri
Santorini Akrotiri
Santorini Akrotiri
Santorini Akrotiri
Santorini Akrotiri


The archaeological site of Akrotiri is open Monday to Sunday 08:00 -20:00 (during summer period 1th of April til 31th of October)  for more info visit here .


words & photos Sonia Farasopoulou

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