Pottery lab of Mihalis and Evi Sklavaina

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The pottery lab of Mihalis and Evi Sklavaina has been operating at Maroussi since 1971. Both of them come from families with long tradition in pottery.

Mr Mihalis and Mrs Evi try to transfer their knowledge to their students through lessons they offer in the lab. The courses include all stages of the art of pottering; from creation to painting and decoration of the artworks. They usually use Greek clay, though at times German clay is used too. Concerning colors, they create them in the lab and they only buy the ones that cannot be made there. There are approximately 80 students per year.

They have been cooperating with the Municipality of Maroussi about the art programs since 2000. The lessons take place during weekdays and Saturdays. At the end of each year an exhibition with students works takes place. Mr Mihalis and Mrs. Evis’ lab is the best alternative for those who wish to work on their creativity through the knowledge of experienced professionals.

Greek pottery Lab
Greek pottery lab
Mr Mihalis
Pottery Lab in Athens
Pottery Lab in Athens
Pottery Lab
Pottery Lab
Pottery Lab
Pottery Lab
Pottery Lab

More information:

Tel: 210-6197373

Address: Delphwn & Sarantaporou 2 Str. Maroussi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sclavainaskeramiki?fref=nf&pnref=story


words & photos by Giannis Efremidis

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