Interview : Katerina Lagoudakou and Her Bunny Tales

Whatever you imagine, jewel it!

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A handmade jewel can tell a lot about your style, your character, your personality and always move your look one step forward. We met Katerina Lagoudakou, a young, beautiful and very talented jewel designer in her workshop and we talked about her work on her own brand Bunny Tales.
Despite her studies in shipping, Katerina has been working for the last 8 years at the family business that is specialized in handmade gold cross creation. As a creative person with love for design, she started creating her own collections of handmade jewels under the brand Bunny Tales.
Bunny Tales are handmade jewels in minimal and abstract lines and forms with an eccentric touch in order to highlight the designer’s aesthetics perception. Katerina uses silver and brass for her jewels and usually makes a difference with gold or pink gold plated and black rhodium details in order to have the result she desires. She does not have a specific inspiration when she designs a jewel; most times the inspiration comes suddenly, spontaneously and associatively. As she says every new idea is a new project that awaits   completion.
Her jewels are suitable for women and men (there are unisex collections) with no age restriction, and with the purpose of adding a minimal touch in their dressing so as not to pass by unnoticed. Designs are mostly geometric and often differentiated three-dimensional realistic forms that exist around us. You can find impressive rings, earrings, pendants, minimal bracelets and arm bracelets that Katerina loves notably! The designs don’t follow fashion trends, that’s why they don’t have an ephemeral character.
We asked Katerina to describe herself, her style and her feelings when she designs a jewel. Actually she is a combination of dynamism and sensitivity as she says. She loves discreet, casual and comfortable dressing, adding details that make a difference at her looks. Impatience, creative stress, suspense and enthusiasm are her feelings every time she designs. When we asked her in what way her jewels differ from others designers’, we received a perfect answer from a woman that knows herself and her talent very well, “Me, that’s where everything starts”! Jewel means creativity, expansion, loyalty and completion for Katerina.

Bunny Tales

She knows very well that there are difficulties in her job as in any other job due to the economic crisis in our country. However, she believes that these difficulties should be a challenge and inspiration for every designer and not an obstruction. Everyone must conform to the realistic needs of the market. Persistency, authenticity, loyalty and decency are the elements that a new designer must have in this difficult period in order to succeed and make dreams come true. 
 Future goals for Bunny Tales are related to raising awareness of the brand and more and more people loving her jewels. At the moment and for the future she is focused on jewel’s design, but has her eyes open for new ideas and suggestions.

Bunny Tales
Bunny Tales
Bunny Tales
Bunny Tales
Bunny Tales
Bunny Tales
Bunny Tales

Feeling Hands Collection

Bunny Tales

Lucky Charm 2017

bunny tales

words Giannis Efremidis 

photos Giannis Efremidis & Kiki Kapasakalidou

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