Destination : Mount Dikaios, Kos Island

The pathway to the sky

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It was in the middle of our summer vacations. There again, on Kos island, the same places, the same faces, the same friends all together doing the same summer habits… This summer, we needed something different…it came up from nothing, just a glance! We decided to reach the top of mount Dikaios!

Mount Dikaios also known as Mount Oromedon in ancient times, is the highest mountain of Kos at an altitude of 846 meters. This hill is made from limestones, marbles and volumes of volcanic rocks. 
So, it was 5.00 am, Leo, Akis, Kostas, George and I were wearing comfortable shoes, keeping in our hands flashlights, carrying backpacks with water, cookies, cameras and our energy, we were so excited that we would enjoy the sunrise from the top of the island.
This walk starts off in the mountain village of Zia and gets you onto one of the few paths available for walking on Kos Island. It takes you up through pine forests, with rich nature, fragrant aroma of pine trees and brushwood and then along ridges. The climb is around 555 meters and distance from Zia to the top is only around 3.9kms.
After 1 hour walk, we could clearly see the Greek flag and finally reached the top. There are 2 peaks, the one with a big white Cross and the shelter and the other one the “Christos” peak, where is a small chapel and every 5th of August at the afternoon, a small festival takes place and many locals usually hike up that day and overnight there. The view was fantastic! We were at the highest peak of the island, so tired after 1 hour climbing into the dark, but so happy, with the feeling that we were almost up in the sky watching Kos island from the top, and the other islands around such as Nisyros, Kalymnos, Pserimos… The scenery was breathtaking, with the cameras on our hands, were waiting the first light of the day, the sun to come up. 

People usually say that "A picture is worth a thousand words". 
We present you some of our best pictures that reveal the natural beauty, the spectacular views through our eyes and our memories of this great experience!

Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mout Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios
Mount Dikaios

words by Kiki Kapasakalidou

photos : Kiki Kapasakalidou, Kostas Pikoulas, Giorgos Kavvadias

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  1. eLeM 2017-10-18

    Beautiful landscape, beautiful pictures…


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