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  • Photography Articles

This section highlights the best photography around Greece and should inspire people to visit the particular place. We want the photography to tell a story. You must provide an intro and short, informative captions for the images. Provide a short bio about you (the photographer).
    max words 300 
    7-14 photos (jpg , 1920 longside)

  • Local Life 

Do you live in a great village, neighborhood, town, island? Show us landscapes,views, rivers, lakes, bars, tavernes ,beaches, activities, let us know your place. We want to hear about your local experience.  Images capturing the spirit of the place are important.

  max words 700
  10-18 images (jpg, 1920px long side)

We don’t have budget for freelance submissions. 
All photographers provide us images free of charge. Links and copyright details will be included if requested. By sending us your project you confirm that you have the legal rights to publish images and text hereby submitted.

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