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The nature has a solution for everything

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Let’s meet the creators of the brand Apeiranthos
We are Stella and Apostolos. After studying irrelevant fields, I -speaking for myself, Stella- discovered that the beauty area together with the nature engagement and what it can offer to us suits me perfectly.  Apostolos, beyond the graphic part which he has studied, he usually deals with other areas of the company Apeiranthos.
- And why did you name your brand Apeiranthos ?
Apeiranthos is a mountainous village on Naxos island, which we have connected with the most beautiful memories.
 - Why would a young couple choose to deal with the production of homemade natural cosmetics? 
I would say that the production of handmade cosmetics was until recently a secret beauty part. In villages our grandmothers had their own recipes and now we are called to remodel and customize those recipes to the current data. Nature has always attracted us and it is a kind of sanctuary for us.

- How easy was your decision as our country is in a period of economic crisis?
It wasn’t easy at all, as the Greek State continuously creates obstacles to Greek entrepreneurship. The confidence, however, about our creation motivated us forward.
- How do consumers respond? Has the economic crisis affected the personal - cosmetic care?
Consumers even in Greece are more conscious nowadays. They read the product labels, ask and have an opinion. The economic crisis has clearly affected this area as well.
- What kind of products do we find in Apeiranthos?
Here you can find complete facial, body and hair care series, niche products for men's skin as well as products suitable for infants and children. Finally, there is a great selection of handmade soaps.


apeiranthos homemade cosmetics

- Which are your main ingredients?  Are they all Greek?
All our main ingredients, vegetable oils and butter, are found in Greece.  We try to use Greek raw materials without excluding others more “exotic”.  We do not use parabens, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives, that’s why the Apeiranthos products have a short life time.
 - What inspires you to create new products?
The modern needs and the herbs of the Greek fauna.
- Which of your products is the first in consumer preferences?
Our soaps, which run out in a very short time!
 - What is the motto of the company?
The nature has a solution for everything.
- What are your future plans?
Our goal for the coming period is to be become more widely known to the Greek public and be able to be found even in the most remote areas.




apeiranthos homemade cosmetics

words by Sonia Farasopoulou

Apeiranthos Natural Skincare 

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  1. eLeM 2016-12-30

    It’s nice and to see people with a vision trying to achieve it in harmony with nature. It makes you feel optimistic…


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