Agia Anna North Evia

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Set out on a fascinating journey around the northern part of the island of Evia, is a little village called Agia Anna. Agia Anna is one of Greece's best kept secrets, still undiscovered by mass tourism. Endowed with amazing nature, it features sites of ecological, historical, religious and archaeological significance which, coupled with the locals' warm hospitable nature, makes it a destination that you will want to return time and again. Located in the biggest beach of the island, Agkali, 9km long, is beautifully surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Aegean and forested mountain slopes. Agia Anna, built on the sides of a hill inhabited since the Stone Age, features magnificent vistas of the whole area, a folk museum and the most amazing Carnival celebrations which, true to their Dionysian roots, end with a fest of "dirty" rhyme, wild dancing and the burning of the king Carnival's dummy. Although it is the Easter time that draws explorers, visitors and tourists.

Agia Anna beach


Only 25 minutes by car the setting changes and we are in the deep mountain forest. Drimonas’ waterfalls stand above Rovies in northern Evia, between the villages of Drimonas and Kerasia. Outstanding natural beauty, with streams, trees, black pines, firs and idyllic ponds created by the river Sepia.One of the most beautiful road routes in Greece, as you drive in an area of lush trees beside the picturesque River Kireas, with hanging bridges and clear waters.

Rancheros,  The Animal Friends of Rancheros association, aims to protect and care abandoned horses. You can feed them, groom them and of course you can ride them alongside to the beach and into the forest.

Saint David's monastery is very well known in Evia and all over Greece, especially after the end of the earthly course of its charismatic Abbot, elder Iakovos (Tsalikis), whose tomb is located outside the Catholicon (the main church) of the monastery. The monastery is located in the heart of a beautiful dense area in Rovies, northern Evia (in Central Greece) and is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ. Saint David of Euboea, who built the monastery, was the abbot of Theotokos Varnakova monastery (1520-1532) and later he left for Rovies, North Evia. In 1540 he founded the famous monastery, which now bears his name, on the ruins of a pre-existing church that had been destroyed by the Turks after the occupation of Euboea in 1470.

Agia Anna Evia

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words by Deppie Kourellou & photos by Sonia Farasopoulou

  1. eLeM 2016-04-18

    Magnificent! Surely worth a visit!

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