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My Country by the Greeks is an “online album” dedicated in Greece.
The idea of My Country by the Greeks is to explore Greece, to uncover hidden places, to reveal traditions, to scratch the surface of every place we visit.
We travel without maps, without tips. We are trying to detect unique places and persons to tell us stories and through our lenses to share with you the beauties of our country.



Sonia Farasopoulou was the founder, a Greek passionate with traveling, photography, outdoor activities and style. As a wanderluster her aim is to communicate to share her passion about travels. Bringing to travelers best information through photo stories to enjoy Greek places like locals.
The team of My Country by the Greeks consists of passionate photography lovers, adventures minds and cultural obsessive people. We all are committed to our aim, to make you visit Greece not only once …

The very first of the team: Kiki Kapasakalidou shares her Greek adventures with us. An interior designer where design is not her only passion. After several wanderings in different ways of art, she discovers and puts in her life photography, which magically becomes her new passion. Her camera is her new “fellow”.
Giannis Efremidis, the man with always a camera on his hand. He might be an Athenian but his roots are from Pontos. An admirer of tradition!
Our team is getting bigger every day. Many amazing photographers have shared their Greek moments with us and we are grateful.

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